Build a compiler to learn how programming languages work. Use low-level assembly to learn how computers work.

Walks through a minimal yet complete compiler implementation. Compiles a static-typed language into x64 ELF executables.

  1. Simple interpreter. Get your own programming language up and running.
  2. Bytecode compiler. A step closer to the machine.
  3. x64 assembly & instruction encoding. Understand how the machine works.
  4. Translate bytecode to x64 code. Bridging the virtual machine to the real machine.
  5. Generate binary executables. Putting it all together.


Part I: Interpreter

  1. Introduction
  2. A Simple Calculator
  3. Interpreter: Variables and Scopes
  4. Interpreter: Control Flows and Functions

Part II: Bytecode Compiler

  1. How Computers Work
  2. The Virtual Machine and Bytecode
  3. Compiler: Variables and Expressions
  4. Compiler: Control Flows
  5. Compiler: Functions and Non-Local Variables

Part III: Machine Code

  1. A Crash Course on x64 Assembly
  2. The x64 Instruction Encoding
  3. From Virtual Machine to Real Machine
  4. Binary Executables
  5. Pointers and Memory

PDF/EPUB and Paperback Editions

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